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Save Money.

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Signing up for a community solar garden is the easiest way to save money and go solar. If you pay an electric bill then you can go solar!


For each customer registered through this unique link ( a donation will be made to the SEAT center! Go solar, save money, and support a good cause!


Please fill out the form below for a free, no-obligation, customized proposal! If you would prefer to talk to a team member directly, please call 833-373-7200.

Benefits of a Community Solar Garden

  • Save Money on your Electric Costs

  • Free To Sign Up

  • Source Clean Local Solar Power

  • Same Reliable Electricity Service

  • Maintenance Free & No Installation

  • Protect Your Wallet Against Rising Energy Costs

How does Community Solar work?


Dynamic Energy builds and maintains the solar garden in your community


You sign up to receive credit for a portion of the electricity generated by the solar garden


You Will Receive Monthly Solar Credits On Your Electric Bill Saving You Hundreds of Dollars


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