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Founded in 2007

Dynamic Energy is a full service solar solutions provider that brings together the technical and financial expertise needed to design, finance, build, and maintain solar, energy storage, and EV charging projects for commercial, institutional, and utility customers. Partnering with Dynamic Energy means you’ll get reliable turnkey service while also lowering energy costs, improving your cash flow, and achieving your company’s sustainability and financial goals.  

Our Mission

Dynamic Energy strives to be the leading full-service provider of solar energy solutions to commercial and institutional customers by delivering energy projects that meet clients’ economic goals. This is achieved through accurate financial advisory services, superior design and construction, and unerring post-construction services – underpinned by our strong company values.


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Leadership Team

Combining Experience & Creativity To Deliver Renewable Energy Solutions


John Conley

President and CEO


John Motta

Chief Development Officer

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Oliver Davis



Tony Orr

General Counsel

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Ziggy Ruiz

VP of Preconstruction & EPC Project Development


Tim Carr

Senior Vice President Business Development


Jessica Nee

Vice President of Business Development

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Michelle Olson-Moran  

VP of Business Development

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Sarah Hill

Vice President, Business Development

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Anna Kaelin

Director of Development and Community Affairs

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Kristin Engstrom

Director of Marketing

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Andy Matson

Senior Director, Project Finance Dispositions

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Nichole Coulter

Sr. VP of Permitting and Development Execution

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Bill Gifford

Senior Director of Origination & Revenue Operations

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Krysta Cunningham

Director of Procurement


Kevin Klein

Senior Director of HSQE

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Tomas Mendez

Director of Engineering

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Brandon Kelley

Director of Systems


Pat Hastings

Senior Vice President, Project Engineering & Delivery

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Joe Hays


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Mary Dove

Solar Paralegal

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Laura Van Hyfte

Commercial Solar Counsel

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Stephen Venzie

Assistant General Counsel and Director of Construction Risk Management


Joshua Suter

Senior Counsel


Daniel Masessa

Account Manager

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Ryan Geller

Business Development Representative

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Ryan Elko

Account Manager

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Elijah Broms

Business Development Representative

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Josh Cornelius

Business Development Representative

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Tyler Wyeth

Business Development Manager

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Justin Elko

Account Manager

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Mackenzie Davis

Revenue Operations Coordinator

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Kennedy Warnken

Marketing Manager

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Thea Dekker

Associate Marketing Manager

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Jack Little

Energy Storage Analyst

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Chris Palacios

Financial Analyst

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Eli Shandelman

Senior Energy Storage Analyst

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Natasha Zaman

Financial Analyst

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Jake Greenblatt

Policy Analyst


Hannah Snyder

Manager, Analyst Operations

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Braden Salvati

Manager, Market Development

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Ryan Hoag

Senior Director of Development, Origination

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Ben Gregory

Senior Director, Early-Stage Development

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Ian Griffiths

Land Development Manager

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Randy Merry

Land Development Manager

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Christian Inzunza

Director of Permitting & Development Execution - West

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Jay Ivie

Land Development Manager

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Paul Denner

Land Development Manager

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Bobby Teh

Interconnection Manager

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Adam Griffiths

Land Development Manager

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Sare Goitom

Interconnection Manager

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Evan Geller

Land Development Manager

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Matt McDevitt

Project Development Analyst

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Gulafroz Dailey

Data Engineer

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Alex Garand

GIS Analyst

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Matt St. Germain

GIS Analyst

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Olivia Ferrara

Project Development Analyst

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Aaron Schwartz

Project Development Analyst

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Jen Blischok

Administrative Associate

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Neal Brewster

Director of Project and Construction Management

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Manny Criado

Senior Construction Manager

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Andrew Consales

Preconstruction Project Manager

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Nathan Holt

Early Stage Senior Project Manager

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Amanda Rivera

Operations Manager

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Sachin Narayan Jagadish

C&I Electrical Design Engineer

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Adam Baaten

Lead EPC Estimator

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Craig DeSantis

QA/QC Manager

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Ryan Turnbull

Senior Project Manager


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