Solar Energy for Landowners

Turn Your Property into a Revenue-Generating Asset

Let Dynamic Energy be your partner in developing your land into a sustainable source for long term cash flow. Our in-house solar development experts make going solar simple. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward lease or to sell your property, Dynamic Energy has a solution that provides the highest value for landowners. We have a proven track record of offering industry-leading, competitive lease rates, developing and constructing world-class projects for landowners of all types.

What our Customers are Saying:


Dynamic Energy Make it Easy to Go Solar



  • Landowner signs agreement
  • Landowner receives annual option period payments
  • Dynamic manages all engineering, permitting, and utility approvals at no cost to landowner



  • Dynamic’s oversees the final engineering, procurement and construction of the solar facility with minimal impact to the landowner’s operations on the property. We use Tier 1 equipment and abide by all industry best practices to ensure our projects are built to the highest safety, environmental, and quality standards.


20-40 YEARS

  • Commercial term of lease commences and annual rent payments to landowner begins
  • Dynamic manages all system operation, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Dynamic removes equipment and restores land at end of lease term


5 Reasons to Lease Your Land

There has never been a better time to take advantage of solar to maximize the value of your land.

1. Generate Income

Leases provide a stable income stream for 20-40 years at a higher per acre profit than farming. Secure your family’s future with extra income that can be used to pay for farming operation costs, property taxes, or serve as retirement income.

2. Generate Energy

Nearby neighbors and businesses can subscribe to the community solar farm and receive a discount on their utility costs, while knowing their power comes from a local, clean source.

3. Create a Landbank

Secure the legacy of your family property for future generations to farm at the end of project life. Solar farms do not permanently encumber the land. The land is restored to its original condition (or better) at no cost to the landowner.

4. Steward the Land

Solar is a low impact development that avoids environmental/noise pollution, while demonstrating your commitment to preserving the heritage of your community. Solar is a safer, more profitable and nonpermanent development option.

5. Profit from Underutilized Land

Community solar farms only require 25 to 35 acres of land. You can lease a portion of your property for solar and continue farming, or any other existing use, on the remainder of the property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Leasing

As your full-service solar partner, we understand that your land is your – and your family’s – legacy. Our goal is to work with you to develop a successful project that will deliver value for decades to come. We handle every step of the process, from lease execution through installation and project operations. Here are some of the most common questions we hear about going solar:

What is a Community Solar project?

These are smaller-scale, local solar projects that generate clean, affordable electricity that’s distributed to the local grid. As the landowner host, you’ll receive a guaranteed passive lease income for 20+ years, and the electricity is shared with local community subscribers once the projects is operational. These projects enable states to reach growing energy needs and provide consumers and businesses a way to gain access to affordable, clean
energy locally.

Can I keep farming my land?

Yes! During the 2-4 year development period, you can continue the existing use of the property up until construction starts. After construction, you may continue your farming operations on the remaining acres outside of the leased property

What happens in the development period?

Dynamic Energy, at our own expense, will manage the entire development process. This includes engineering, utility interconnection studies, local municipal permitting, financing, and construction. During this time, the landowner is paid annual option payments.

Who maintains equipment and property within the lease area?

Dynamic Energy is responsible for all operation and maintenance of the solar equipment and all mowing, vegetation trimming, etc on the
lease area property. All of this is at no expense to the landowner.

Will this increase my property taxes?

Dynamic Energy will be responsible for any incremental property tax that results from the installation of the solar facility. If your property is reassessed or if it is enrolled in a preferential tax assessment program, Dynamic Energy will pay any applicable back taxes and the increased property

What happens at the end of the lease?

Our lease provides for the full removal of all above and below ground solar facility equipment and restoration of the land within 6 months of the end of the lease. The Landowner will continue to receive full rental payments until this work is completed.

What is the structure of my lease?

Our lease is split into two stages:
1. a 2-4 Development/Option Period, during which we complete all engineering, approvals, construction, and you receive annual option
payments; and
2. the Commercial Term, when you receive the full $/acre rental payments for the 20-40 year term.


Find Out How Much You Can Earn From Your Land

If you have a 25-acre or larger parcel of land in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey or Connecticut, enter your property’s information below and Dynamic Energy will conduct a preliminary site assessment and calculate the competitive lease rate available for your property! One of Dynamic’s solar experts will contact you with additional information and next steps.


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