Affiliate Opportunity

Becoming a Dynamic Energy Affiliate is a Win-Win for Everyone

As commercial and industrial customers become savvier and more knowledgeable, they are demanding to work with partners who can provide them with a full suite of sustainability solutions to save energy and cut costs. Becoming a Dynamic Energy Affiliate can enhance your offerings and add immense value to your customers’ bottom line and yours.


How it Works

Dynamic Energy provides an upfront analysis of your client’s property, to determine the potential for solar and renewable solutions at no cost to you or your client. If a lead is converted to a solar contract, Dynamic will compensate you for the referral.

We are very flexible in the ways we work with our growing list of affiliate partners, and would love to speak with you in more detail about how we can partner with you to ensure your customers have the solar solutions they need at their fingertips.

Start Earning as an Affiliate!

“Partnering as an affiliate with Dynamic Energy has allowed us to offer our customers something we would have never been able to offer with the resources we had, and it has increased our value immensely.”


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