Michael Ford

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Michael Ford

Senior Construction Manager

Michael Ford recently joined our team as a Senior Construction Manager and has over 25+ years of Design and Construction experience.  He graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology – School of Architecture (Newark, NJ) with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.


Over the last 15 years he has worked on various types of solar projects, ranging from Residential rooftop, small office buildings, 2MW commercial rooftop, 4 MW parking canopies and 16 MW Ground Mounts.


Additionally, his diverse background includes working as a Project Architect, Interior designer, and Facility Manager where he has had the opportunity to work on designs for daycares, high schools, condos, office buildings, prisons, medical facilities and nuclear power plants.


Mike is a Trustee at his local church and during his free time he enjoys golf, traveling and running.  One of his favorite races is the Spring Lake 5 Mile Run, which raises money for education, drug and alcohol alliances program, and local community groups in Spring Lake.




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