Christian Inzunza

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Christian Inzunza

Director of Permitting & Development Execution - West

Christian Inzunza's fascination with renewable energy began during his college days with an internship at Sunwood Ventures, which fueled his passion for real estate development and the solar industry. Over the past decade, Christian has seen the transformative growth of this sector, playing an instrumental role in developing and deploying solar PV and Energy Storage projects throughout the western US.Now stepping into his role as Director of Development & Permitting - West at Dynamic Energy, Christian is poised to drive early-stage community solar projects from ideation to construction-ready status, leveraging his comprehensive experience and understanding of the region's unique challenges and opportunities.Before his impactful tenure as a Senior Development Manager with General Electric’s Solar Development division and Distributed Solar Development, Christian steered major solar initiatives for Solteris Energy and Planet Solar Inc. in Southern California, resulting in the successful implementation of over 200+ MW of solar power across diverse infrastructures.Christian's academic foundation is rooted in a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Real Estate from The University of San Diego. A proud Indio, CA native, Christian is an active regional solar advocate, certified Master Gardener, and an ardent supporter of Blockchain technology.


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