Bobby Teh

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Bobby Teh

Interconnection Manager

Bobby Teh has had an eclectic career journey, seamlessly blending the realms of renewable energy and filmmaking. Starting as an Interconnection Coordinator at SolarCity/Tesla in 2015, he than mastered the ins and outs of integrating energy systems. Transitioning to a Commercial Interconnection role, his expertise grew. He took a break in 2017 to pursue a film degree, showcasing their commitment to creative pursuits.

Between 2018 and 2020, Teh explored his passion for film as a Sr. Distribution Manager at a film distribution company. In 2021, he returned to Tesla as a Sr. Commercial Interconnection Specialist. Over five years, he skillfully managed large-scale renewable projects' utility interconnections, including PV, battery, and EV chargers nationwide. His role also included overseeing incentives and rebates for commercial renewable projects, ensuring smooth grid integration.

Beyond his professional achievements, Teh is a dedicated film enthusiast. A recent graduate with a BA in Film from UNLV, he continues to create and edit short films. His creativity extends to art, drawing, and crafting screenplays. Outside work, he enjoys hiking in the Las Vegas desert and playing with his German Shepherd named Boss who definitely lives up to his name.


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