Greg Boyer

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Boyer is responsible for all aspects of operations including design, project management, oversite during execution and ongoing asset management. His team of experts handle all work in-house in support of Dynamic Energy’s engineering and execution efforts. Greg has more than 15 years experience in operations and management.


Prior joining Dynamic Energy, Greg gained valuable experience during his time in the United States Navy and as an Architect in operations, planning, teamwork, risk management, project management and design. His skills enable Dynamic Energy’s team to produce detailed project drawings including detailed planning, resulting in successful project execution. Greg has managed over 100 projects with Dynamic Energy, totaling over 60 megawatts of PV Solar installations. His experience includes roof, ground and parking canopy solar installations and spans both large-scale projects (over 5MW) as well as small-scale projects (50kW – 5MW)


Greg received his A.S.T. in Architectural Design Technology from Triangle Tech.


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