Solar Energy Financing

Choose the Financing Option That’s Right for You

Federal tax benefits and state incentives make solar an attractive solution for customers of all types. Dynamic Energy’s flexible financing options and dedicated in-house financial experts make your solar journey as simple as possible by customizing an ownership and financing structure that fits your organization’s needs.

Financing Options

Direct Purchase

Own your solar energy system through cash purchase or bank financing.



  • Maximum return on investment
  • Offset tax liability
  • Monetize state incentives
  • Reduce energy expenses
  • Replace a variable operating cost with an income generating asset

Operating Lease

Low monthly payments allow you to take ownership of the solar energy system at the end of a financing term.



  • Preserve bank lines and working capital for core business operations
  • Provides an ownership option for customers without significant tax-appetite
  • Take ownership of all state incentives and electricity generated
  • Historic low lease rates with fixed monthly payments
  • Expense deduction consideration on full lease payments
  • Up to 100% project cost financing

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Purchase discounted power with no ownership risk.



  • No up-front capital cost
  • Cash flow positive from day one
  • Predictable energy pricing – hedge against rising and volatile electricity prices
  • No system performance or operating risk and no maintenance


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