Solar Energy for Landowners

Turn Your Property into a Revenue-Generating Asset

Let Dynamic Energy be your partner to turn your land into long-term cash flow. Our in-house solar experts make going solar simple. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward lease or to sell your property, Dynamic Energy has a solution for you. We have a proven track record of success constructing world-class projects for landowners of all types.

How Can You Benefit?

  • Long-term revenue stream
  • Diversified investment
  • Support clean energy in your community

Going Solar Is Easy

Site Assessment

Enter your property’s information into the form below and Dynamic Energy will provide a free, no-obligation site assessment to determine if your site is capable of hosting a solar array.


Upon signing a site lease, Dynamic Energy will obtain all required permits and utility approvals and construct the system, all at no cost to you.


After construction, you will generate steady income from lease payments for a 20 or 25-year term. Dynamic Energy will operate and maintain the system for the life of the project, again at no cost to you.

Get Your No-Cost Site Assessment

If you have a 10-acre or larger parcel of land in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, New Jersey or Connecticut, enter your property’s information below and Dynamic Energy will conduct a preliminary site assessment! If your property passes our initial environmental screens, one of Dynamic’s solar experts will contact you with additional information and next steps.


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