Energy Storage Solutions

Energy When You Need it Most

Commercial and utility customers can further save on electricity costs by combining energy storage solutions with their installed solar systems. Dynamic Energy’s team of professionals have the required experience and knowledge to fully execute any combined solar and storage project.

Benefits of Energy Storage

Commercial and utility customers typically pay for two types of charges on monthly utility bills:

  • Energy charge – the actual kilowatt- hour (kWh) of energy you use
  • Demand charge – the ‘spike’ in the amount of power drawn from the grid at a particular time on a given day

Times of peak demand are charged differently from your kWh electricity charge. Energy storage solutions can help reduce this spike in energy usage, thereby reducing demand charges.

How Energy Storage Works?

Batteries store excess energy generated by your solar system. Software monitors electricity consumption and releases the stored energy at times of peak demand when it is most valuable.

Who Can Benefit?

Commercial and utility customers in states including, New Jersey, New York, California and Massachusetts can benefit from solar energy storage solutions and the available storage incentives and rebates in these states.


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