Dynamic Energy Announces Klear Vu’s Commitment to Solar Generation


Dynamic Energy Announces Klear Vu’s Commitment to Solar Generation

WAYNE, Pa.April 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Klear Vu Corporation, a Massachusetts (MA) company and the leading manufacturer of chair pads and rocker sets in the US, recently invested in solar energy. The new 243 kW system will supply over 35% of Klear Vu’s annual electricity consumption.

By partnering with Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC (Dynamic Energy), a full-service solar energy solutions provider, the system is expected to provide Klear Vu with over $320,000 in after-tax value over the life of the panels.

“Klear Vu’s solar installation represents a significant investment in improving the environment while also saving money on electricity costs,” said Ben Cooper, President.

The solar array will generate over 300,000 kWh of energy in its first year, enough to offset approximately 233 metric tons (492,215 pounds) of carbon dioxide, equivalent to removing 43 cars from Massachusetts roads, or the amount of carbon sequestered by 263 acres of U.S. forest each year. The solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) generated by the system are being sold into MA solar market.

“Dynamic Energy is honored to work with Klear Vu on the development and installation of their solar system. Klear Vu’s solar investment provides a positive example for MA manufacturers who want to benefit the environment while improving the bottom line,” said Brett Thibodeau, President & COO of Dynamic Energy.

Klear Vu continually seeks process improvements and solar is the latest step in optimizing their operations. It is a win for Klear Vu, the environment, and Massachusetts.

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